Mala Mukherji, the first born to Indian immigrants from Calcutta, has dedicated her life to the empowerment of the female.  With her devotion to service, she has relentlessly pursued a diverse career path, all with one goal: to help women own and accept their truth.

Her method is rooted in being INSPIRED FROM WITHIN, as she found that truth and life’s answers truly rest within us.

Mala brings a diverse and powerful set of tools to express herself and to reach her goal, from the visual to the spoken word. She works at all with boundless passion and with the belief that each of her expressions contributes to helping women find their truth, voice, beauty and power.

Her offerings and support stem from the knowledge that the difficulties experienced in life allow acceptance of one’s inner truth.  This in turn provides strength to overcome internal and external shadow energies:

presenting the chance to create and express a life of meaning, wholeness and joy.

Mala’s unwavering commitment is to help women embrace their truth and remain complacent to none.