Mala Mukherji seatedMala Mukherji advocates for emotions. Through her career as an advisor and author, she teaches people the joyous experience of accepting themselves. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mala Mukherji is the daughter of immigrants from Kolkata, India. She attended UCLA, studied law at Pepperdine University and worked as a business and real estate lawyer for nine years. 

Mala’s passion pivoted to personal development soon after law school. She studied every theory and technique that crossed her path from traditional Western psychotherapy to meditation, Kriya Yoga, symbology and the relevance of universal archetypes to the individual. Her fusion of Western psychotherapeutic modalities and Eastern philosophy and practice resulted in a unique formula for self-discovery. 

Sharing her method with others evolved into Mala’s only imperative. For nineteen years, she advised clients to help them understand and use their emotions to facilitate their personal growth. 

Mala embraces the opportunity to distill her philosophy and experience into the written and spoken word as she offers her message to a wider audience.